About Kudux

KUDUX devices have been present on the market for over 10 years. Throughout this period, the Kudux offer has changed dynamically, providing our customers with the highest quality equipment at reasonable prices.

Our R&D team is constantly looking for new solutions and manufacturers to provide KUDUX products with world-class technology and quality.

Our extensive product range incorporates a number of patented, unique features and solutions.
Active cooperation with our customers allows us to respond quickly to market needs, so that our customers in a very short time receive devices with parameters and functions used only in the most advanced devices in the world.

KUDUX devices very quickly conquered new markets, so the offer quickly expanded and was divided into separate product lines.
Currently the KUDUX brand comprises several product categories for various applications – STAGE, ARCHITECTURE, LED SCREENS, and LASERS

Kudux STAGE is a professional stage and effect lighting. The offer includes LED strobes, beams and moving heads with LED light source and lamps 2R, 7R, 10R, 15R. KUDUX offer includes laser systems with powers from 3000mW to 30000mW.  Lasers are compatible with ILDA control standard and Pangolin, Fiesta and Moncha controllers.

KUDUX devices are used in daily work by recognized rental companies. The Kudux Stage library is available in CAPTURE visualization software, Chamsys and GrandMA controllers, Light Magic, etc.

Kudux ARCHITECTURE – are high quality lamps and architectural lighting elements. The offer includes rope lights, spot lights and waterproof lighting for fountains and pools. Kudux offer includes decorative elements for the construction of advanced spatial scenery, ranging from LED strips and digital modules, LED panels, LED spheres and tubes 360, ending with 3D elements such as LED Ring, LED Cylinder. KUDUX products are compatible with drivers and software from MODUS, SIGMA NET, PXM, MADRIX, MAD MAPPER, LED MASTER, JINX, GLADIATOR and ARKAOS and RESOLUME.

Kudux LED SCREENS – the offer includes mobile LED screens, sports bands and LED screens for permanent installation. In a wide range you can find indoor and outdoor solutions. As one of the few brands, KUDUX offers light, openwork video screens of various resolutions, used for the arrangement of store windows, exhibition stands and other innovative scenographic elements.  Kudux supplies individual modules and accessories to build screens in their own custom 2D and 3D shapes. New from KUDUX are flexible modules that make it possible to create screens on round pillars, for example.

Screens are supplied in one of the standards of LINSN, NOVA STAR control systems or other on customer request.

All our products are manufactured in accordance with international standards.

KUDUX trademark is registered in Polish Patent Office.
The rights to use it have MEDIAM company.

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