Wash 600 zoom 37*10 Moving head


KUDUX E600 zoom Wash is a modern zoom wash head. The biggest advantage of the new devices is their light strength combined with a wide zoom range of 14-45 degrees.
The light source is 37 LED multichips (RGBW), each with a power of 10W.
However, the Kudux E600 is not a classic washem, the light sources are arranged in three ring sections. Head software allows the sound engineer to use each section separately. Each of the rings can be operated independently by changing its color and intensity.
Thanks to this treatment we can get almost unlimited number of effects.
The use of state-of-the-art techniques and materials allowed us to produce a small-size head and extremely low weight, which, together with its technical capabilities, becomes a high-class tool in the hands of professionals.
The head works in one of four DMX modes 11/15/21 or 37 ch.
Alternatively, the Robe Robin 600 RGBW library can be used on lighting consoles.

Basic device parameters:
* 37 x 10W RGBW Cree XLamp MC-E 4in1 multichips
* LED durability: minimum 50,000 hours
* power consumption: 400VA
* linear ZOOM: 15 ° -45 °
* RGBW LED color mixing system
* built-in color macros
* possibility of independent control of each LED circle
* DIMER high resolution 0-100% without flickering
* STROBO effect with speed control
* programmed effects available from DMX levels
* 4 DMX modes – 37/21/15/11 channels
* DMX 3 and 5-pin XLR connectors
* automatic power switch 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
* range of motion: PAN 540 ° / TILT 300 °;