WASH 105 PIXEL ZOOM Moving head


The moving head KUDUX 105 PIXEL WASH is a new proposal dedicated to the needs of mobile DJs and music clubs where larger devices will not be used.
Despite its small size, Kudux 105 Pixel Wash gives the user quite a lot of possibilities.
7 small RGBW Led modules with a power of 15W each are housed in a small plastic housing. The device uses lenses known from the French company GAGGIONE, thanks to which the device matches the optical parameters of the heads of recognized manufacturers.
The wide zoom range guarantees universal use of the device, the radius generated by the head is characterized by uniform intensity and “juiciness” of color.
Similar to the KUDUX 285 PIXEL WASH device, PIXSEL WASH 105 also gives you the ability to control a single pixel and has an integrated library of ready animations and effects to use.

Device parameters:

Light source: 7 * 15W RGBW Led
Color range: RGBW mixed mode + virtual color wheel
Optics: Gaggione Lens lenses
Control: DMX 14/25/30 CH protocol.
Dimmer: 0-100%
Zoom: 7.9⁰-38⁰
Movement range: Tilt: 540 ⁰; Pan: 270 ⁰ (8 and 16 bit)
Degree of protection: IP20
Power supply: 110V-240V; 180W
Dimensions: 465mm * 240mm * 330mm
Weight: 5.2 kg (net)