Strobo Storm 900 is a new device that KUDUX introduced to its offer in 2020.
The new strobe features, besides high power, a number of innovative solutions unprecedented in this class of equipment.
The device combines the functions of a classic LED BAR and a powerful strobe in which the classic xenon burner has been replaced by 144 LEDs 3W each. This allows you to get a flash that surpasses the classic XOP-15 burner. In addition, the user can use a number of predefined programs, control each section of the “burner” separately.
There are 672 RGB diodes with 0.5W each available to the user. The LEDs are divided into 10 independent sections in which the user can adjust the brightness, color and flash frequency. In combination with the central LED panel imitating a xenon burner, the device allows you to achieve effects not seen in any other device.
The device is controlled using the DMX Protocol, the device occupies 14 channels in the DMX space.
• Voltage: 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz
• Light source: -144 pcs of white LEDs, 3W each; – 672pcs RGB LED, each 0.5W.
• Maximum flash power: 900W;
• Maximum power in continuous operation: white / 450W; RGB / 300W.
• Macro functions: 10 sections with individual predefined settings for LEDs imitating a strobe burner.
• Possibility to divide the RGB panel into 96 lines / segments.
• Control: DMX 14 ch, Auto run, Master / Slave.