Multi Eye 19*15W RGBW Moving head


Kudux Multi-Eye is an innovative moving head that combines the functions of a Wash and Beam device. However, this is not all. Thanks to the ability to control each of the 19 LEDs independently, Multi-Eye gives the opportunity to create spectacular effects not found in any other device. Another advantage of the device is the wide zoom range from 4 to 60 degrees, it allows you to change the parameters and functionality of the head at any time. In addition, the device has a front rotary ring that can instantly break a washa ray into 19 mini-beam beams with a power of 15 Watt each. The device is made of light metal alloys and plastics. Due to the low weight, it is a very fast and dynamic device, and at the same time very quiet. Depending on the operating mode, Kudux Multi-Eye occupies from 21 to 89 DMX channels. Alternatively, you can use the Clay Paky A-Leda K10 library in lighting consoles.
Versatile, three modes of operation: wash, beam, FX effect
Special optical system: equipped with a zoom range of 4 ° -60 °
Control: Individual LED control for each parameter
An exclusive parallel beam consisting of an array of individually controlled micro-beams
Improved electronic engine dynamic beam pattern design, with digital accuracy and repeatability
Rotating front lens for countless spin effects
White CT simulating 2500-8000K
Tungsten lamp simulation

Basic technical data.

Power supply: 100-240 V 50/60 Hz
Output power: 450 VA
Light sources: 19 Osram RGBW LED
LED rated power: 15 W
LED module life: 50,000 h
Electronic zoom with a range of 4 ° -60 °
Number of channels: 21 in standard operation mode
Protocol: MX 512
Motion control: vector
DMX connectors: 3-pin XLR input / output
Weight: 14.5 kg (31.9 lbs)