Beam Led 360 RGBW 60W Moving head


UDUX BEAM LED 360 RGBW 60W is a very light Beam moving head with compact dimensions. Thanks to the use of special multi-layer optics combined with a high-quality 60W IPCS light source, the head generates a very strong light beam with a focus angle of 6 degrees.
The design of the device does not limit movements in any plane, this solution allows you to achieve spectacular lighting effects previously unavailable in classic moving heads.
The minimized weight of the device (only 3.5 kg) allows installation in virtually any place, and the double Powercon power connector enables cascading of devices, which is a significant facilitation, especially in places with limited electrical infrastructure.
The DMX chart is similar to the “Ayrton Magic Dot R” library.

Technical parameters

Power supply: 100V-240V
Power consumption: 95 W
Color palette: RGBW
Light source: IPCS 60 W LED
Strobe: 1-25 Hz
Dimmer: 0-100%
Control protocol: DMX, 12.15 or 27 CH
Control Mode: Master / Slave / Sound Mode / DMX
Weight: 3.5 kg
Dimensions: L242 / W130 / H308 mm