Kudux ProMax is a new series of full-color laser projectors.

When designing the ProMax series, KUDUX engineers took into account the working conditions in music clubs, the casing was maximally sealed so as to protect optical modules and electronic parts from excessive dust and smoke.
The casing of the device is made of lightweight semi-precious metal alloys, which additionally allowed to reduce the device’s own weight.

Optical elements and laser light sources are designed in such a way as to minimize the need for device calibration by the system user. The power of individual laser diodes has been chosen so that their sum gives a perfectly white color.

Another advantage of ProMax devices is the integrated control system.
The designers have provided three options for the user to control the device depending on the needs and application.
The FB4 control module from Pangolin, which in combination with super-fast scanners (40 kkps) allows for unlimited and creative creation of spatial and graphic animations by the user. The included Pangolin Quick Show software provides over 600 ready-to-use animations and graphics.
The Autoplay function allows you to play ready presentations from the integrated Micro SD card reader, an excellent option that allows you to easily turn your device into an advertising medium.
Control using the DMX protocol allows you to control the device using any DMX controller.

All ProMax series products have features that have so far remained the domain of professional laser systems used in the production of high-budget laser shows for such concerts as Sunrise Festival, Mayday. Energylandia etc.

The above advantages make the new KUDUX ProMax devices become one of the most attractive offers available on the Polish market. All laser projectors comply with the strict PN-EN 60825-1: 2008 and PN-EN 60825-1: 2014-11 standards

Common features of Kudux ProMax devices.
– Lightweight compact housing
– Interlock
– Power cable
– Security key
– Integrated extended Pangolin FB4 controller
– Quick Show software included. Free version to download from
– Four modes of operation: auto-play, master / slave, DMX / Artnet / Ethernet
– Perfect white balance, RGB color palette
– Transport case.

Technical parameters:

Power: 6.3W (1.8.W Red, 1.0W Green, and 3.5W Blue)

Light wavelength: Red 638nm, Green 520nm, Blue 445nm

Modulation: Analog 100KHz

Beam diameter: about 3mm

Beam divergence: <1.3 mRad (full angle)

Scanning system: 40Kpps

Scanning angle: Max 60 degrees

Power supply: AC100-240V, 50 / 60Hz

Power consumption: 180W

Weight: only 6Kg

Dimensions: (L) 263 * (W) 156 * (H) 126mm

Remember that the laser system is not a toy, to operate it you need to know the safety of laser projections
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