Hot Mix 15R Moving head


Hot Mix 15R Moving head

KUDUX Hot Mix 15R is a modern moving head that combines two functions: the BEAM effect we know from R7 Beam or Hot Beam 10R devices and a very advanced spot. The whole is based on a discharge, very bright light bulb with a power of 470 W and a color temperature of 7850 K and an optical system that allows you to get a beam with a width of 4 ° to 50 ° (factor 1:20).
Hot Mix 15R has a CMY color mixing system, CTO filters (3200 K and 2500 K values) and a CTB filter. Thanks to the shield configured from the gobo set (18 + 1), we get a very flexible product giving many applications and a very wide range of effects. The housing also has a wheel with six high-quality rotational gobos, an animation dial as well as two prisms (eight-wall and linear four-wall) and a frost filter.
The new KUDUX head compared to the competition is primarily distinguished by its second nature, i.e. the beam mode, in which you can get a beam with a width of up to 0.5 °. What’s more, six filters have also been installed on the gobo wheel that allow the beam to be shaped independently. The list of parameters is closed by a precisely functioning dimmer and a strobe with adjustable flash speed. Alternatively, you can use the CP MYTHOS library in lighting consoles

Basic parameters:

470W, 7800K gas discharge lamp
A large glass front lens up to 170mm
Electronic focus with “autofocus” mode
Viewing angle in spot mode: 4 ° – 50 °
Beam angle of 0.5 ° beam mode
CMY color palette
11 dichroic filters
2 CTO filters (3200 K and 2500 K)
1 CTB filter
6 high quality rotating gobos
18 static gobos + open
Advanced animated gobo (animation disc)
Double prism, linear and omni-directional
Frost effect
Precise dimmer and shutter

Light source: 470W gas discharge lamp

Optics: Electronic focus for a perfectly sharp beam over its entire length
Zoom range: 4 ° to 31 ° for static gobos
Zoom range: 6.7 ° to 50 ° for rotating gobos
Colors: CMY mixing system based on 3 color wheels, 14 color filters arranged on three wheels, 2 CTO filters (3,200K and 2,500K) + 1 CTB filter
Effects: 2 gobo discs
Dial 1: with 6 high quality, dichroic, replaceable and rotational gobo patterns (about 25.9mm).
Shield 2: with 18 fixed gobo patterns.
Functions: “Gobo-Shake”, Frost
Animation wheel: 1
Prism: 2 exchangeable and rotating prisms


30/34 DMX 512 channels
DMX protocol: USITT DMX 512
Display: LCD
Pan / Tilt: 16 bit
Gobo: 16 bit
Focus: 16 bit
Dimmer: 16 bit
DMX sockets: 5 pin XLR input / output
Software update via DMX input


Range: PAN = 540 °, TILT = 244 °
Resolution: PAN = 2.11 °, PAN FINE = 0.008 °, TILT = 0.960 °, TILT FINE = 0.004 °
Automatic Pan / Tilt position restoration after accidental movement, not controlled by the control unit.


Switch with thermal protection
Automatic power outage in the event of overheating or lack of cooling
Automatic, forced fan operation


The device works in any position.
Fastening system: with two Omega brackets (1/4 turn)

WEIGHT: 31 kg (68.34 lbs)