Art-Net Controller is an Ethernet driver based on Artnet protocol.
It can convert network packets in Artnet protocol into standard DMX512 data or SPI data controller.
Single port output, up to 6000 pixels can be output.
Can record on the line effect, can record up to 31 effects, can call play effect, speed, brightness and so on through DMX.

Application area:

It is widely used in LED lattice and stage lighting control network which needs a lot of DMX512 data.

Signal input:
100m Ethernet interface, can be used with both ARTNET signal and DMX signal (the initial interface displays “>” when there is a signal in ARTNET mode, and flashes if there is no signal.
In SD card mode, the file name and playback speed currently played are displayed)

Signal output:

4 pin XLR:
Pin1: GND
Pin2: B
Pin3: A/DAT
Pin4: VCC

Can be cascade use, up to 64 sets.

Product advantages:

  • Ethernet port can input ARTNET signal and DMX signal at the same time
  • The recording effect can be used offline. Up to 31 effects can be recorded
  • Playback effect, playback speed, brightness, R, G, B mask, stroboscopic and recording can be recorded through the 8 channel controllers of the DMX console
  • DMX address can be set, one controller occupies 8 DMX channels
  • Can be set to control the IC model, CL05,DMX512,WS2811,UCS1903,GS8208,UCS9812
  • Single port output, three channels can be set output 170 Pixel, 340 Pixel, 510 Pixel, 680 Pixel. Four-channel maximum output 512Pixel
  • Can set one lamp one pixel point, two lights one pixel point, three lights one pixel point, four lights one pixel point.
  • The output channel can be set: RGB,RBG,GRB,GBR,BRG,BGR,RGBW.

Characteristic description:

  • Input: AC110—220V
  • Output: DC24V


  • Length: 320m
  • Wide:62mm
  • High:50mm

Notice:All sizes are in mm, In the absence of a clear label, the tolerances are ±0.15mm


Kod produktu: KUDLS005
artnet controller 150
artnet controller 150
artnet controller 150
artnet controller 150
artnet controller 150